Airport Car Service

Courteous. Professional. Efficient

Long Island Car Services offers transportation to and from a variety of airports such as JFK, MacArthur, and many others in the Tri-State area. We pride ourselves in creating an enjoyable atmosphere for all of our clients. Because of our dedication to giving our clients top-notch customer service, we ensure our drivers are certified and are trained to uphold the highest levels of professionalism.

We are happy to schedule rides for any time of day to help you reach your destination safely. Whether you are going on a vacation or have a business trip, our company will be there to provide a flawless execution of transportation services. We pride ourselves on having the cleanest and efficient running fleet of vehicles. We are meticulous when it comes to vehicle maintenance to ensure a safe and comfortable journey for every client.

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What service means to us

Service to us is not merely making sure you get to your destination, but that we provide transportation in a courteous, professional, and efficient manner. Our company consistently makes changes to better the client experience. Whether it’s through new transportation technologies or updating our policies and procedures we strive to remain current and up to date on both safety standards as well providing efficiency.